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RoHS Status: Nicht zutreffend
Ursprungsland: GB

Valve - Electronic

WRAS approved water management system that complies with Bylaw 82 and 83
ABS body
PIR sensor 54μA (nominal current), 750mA (peak current for 50ms), 6Vdc (Voltage)
Sensor range 3m – 4m
Field of view 138º (horizontal), 125º (vertical)
Infrared sensor unit may be fitted directly onto solenoid valve assembly, if battery powered, or unit may be mounted remote from the solenoid valve assembly and powered by batteries or from mains supply (solenoid valve supply voltage 6Vac)
Two orifice inserts provided to cater for extremes of water pressure - valve unit also provided with built-in flow rate adjuster
System activates after detection of someone approaching urinals, allowing regulated flow of water into cistern for approx 30 minutes. Sensor then switches off, saving power
After 25 minutes sensor re-actives. If it does not detect anyone within 5 minutes, it closes solenoid valve and waits for next person to enter
If during 5 minutes the sensor detects someone else, it leaves solenoid valve open for another 30 minutes
Unit incorporates 12 hour hygiene flush cycle, even it if fails to detect anyone during that period
15mm compression connection


* Pressure reducing valve required either at or approaching the stated maximum pressure. Setting of 2 to 3 bar is recommended




Byelaw 82 und 83

Drücke und Durchflussmengen              
Dynamischer Druck bar 0,5 1 2 3 4 5
Einstellbare Mindestdurchflussmenge l/s 0,04 0,06 0,09 0,11 0,12 0,13
Einstellbare Höchstdurchflussmenge l/s 0,14 0,20 0,30 0,36 0,4 0,44
Basis-Durchflussmenge für Rohrberechnungen:  0,10 l/s              
Empfohlener Druck:  0,3 → 5 bar              
Technische Daten
Eigenschaft Wert
Sensortyp Infrarot
Betriebsdruck max. 6 bar
Anschluss Innengewinde, 15 mm Quetschanschluss
Gehäusematerial ABS
Versorgungsspannung 6 VAC
Gender Buchse
Sensorentfernung max. 4m
Sensorentfernung min. 3m
Gewindegröße 15mm
Gewinde Fitting Typ Druckfeder
Sensor-Bereich 3 → 4m
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