Gasdruckfeder Stahl, rastend bei Vollauszug, 665mm / Hub 300mm, 150 → 1200N

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RoHS Status: Nicht zutreffend
Ursprungsland: GB

Camloc Econoloc Gas Springs

With Camloc’s Econoloc gas springs there is no need to use separate safety rods as they lock when fully extended which protects the user from potential injury in case of overloading or misuse.
The Econoloc operates automatically making it extremely simple to use – when fully extended a spring-loaded locking shroud moves into position so the gas spring cannot be compressed without manual release.


No need for separate safety rods
Automatic operation
Self-contained unit
Simple and safe to use

Technische Daten
Eigenschaft Wert
Sperren und Halten Rastend bei Vollauszug
Zylindermaterial Stahl
Endanschluss-Material Stahl, Zink
Endanschluss Gelenklager
Erweiterte Länge 665mm
Hublänge 300mm
Stangen-Durchmesser 23mm
Kolbendurchmesser 10mm
Kraft max. 1200N
Kraft min. 150N
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