ON SemiconductorEntwicklungskits Interface, Eval board for FUSB307B FUSB307BGEVB Evaluierungsplatine

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The FUSB307B targets system designers looking to implement up to four USB Type-C port controllers (TCPC) with USB-PD capabilities. This solution provides integrated Type-C Rev 1.3 detection circuitry enabling manual attach/detach detection. Time critical Power Delivery functionality is handled autonomously, offloading the μProcessor or Type-C Port Manager (TCPM).

USB-PD Interface Specification Rev 1.0 Ver. 1.2 Compatible
USB Type-C Rev 1.3 Compatible
USB-PD Rev3.0 Ver. 1.1 Compatible: Fast Role Swap, Sink Transmit, Extended Data Messages (Chunked)
USB-PD Interface Specification Support: Automatic GoodCRC Packet Response, Automatic Retries of Sending Packet, All SOP* Types Supported
VBUS Source and Sink Control
Integrated 3 W Capable VCONN to CCx Switch
10-bit VBUS ADC
Programmable GPIOs
4 Selectable I2C Addresses

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