Erem by Weller 570E Kabelschneider 120mm, Schneidstärke bis 1.2mm

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Diese Elektronikseitenschneider bestehen aus hochwertigem Werkzeugstahl. Die Seitenschneider verfügen über einen eingebauten integrierten Anschlag und eine integrierte Rückstellfeder, um ein Überlappen der Klingen zu vermeiden und die Ermüdung des Benutzers zu senken. Alle Seitenchneider werden mit weichen Schaumgummigriffen geliefert.

Tapered Head Tip Cable Cutter

The 570E is a tapered head medium size, robust precision cutter with a straight long relived head and can be used for both horizontal and vertical cuts and cutting at extreme tips. The long tips are ideal for cutting in hard to reach areas. The Series 500 cutter is manufactured from high grade tool steel and the cutting edges are hardened to Rockwell 63-65 HRc.

These cutters have a flush cut and can be used on medium hard wire, stainless steel wire, material 1.4301. tensile strength 800 MPa, as well as soft wire, copper, aluminium, tensile strength 250 MPa. This cable cutter is suitable for working on printed-circuit boards and component connections.

The cutters feature a built-in internal stop and integral return spring to prevent blade overlapping and reduce operator fatigue. All cutters are supplied with soft grip foam rubber grip handle.

Features and Benefits:

Medium head size tapered head cutter
Series 500 – non-reflecting surface and can be resharpened
Flush cut – leaves a smaller tip at the end of the wire than a semi-flush cut
ESD safe – can be used in areas where there may be a sudden flow of electrostatic discharge which can destroy sensitive electronic components
Length: 120 mm
Length of cutting edges: 4 mm
Head width: 11 mm
Head thickness: 6 mm
Head length: 29 mm
Max. cutting capability – medium hardness mm: Ø 0.4 mm
Max. cutting capability – copper wire: Ø 0.6 mm
Weight: 67 g


Cable Cutters are tools designed with electricians in mind, but a reliable set of cable cutters should always be at hand. These tools are ideal for cutting and stripping wires of all shapes and sizes. Wire cutters feature ergonomic designs for comfort, confidence and safety of use. Speciality models are suitable for insulated wire cutting and use in Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) environments. Cable cutters are commonly used by:
• Electricians
• Gas engineers
• Telecommunication engineers
• Car mechanics
• DIY enthusiasts

What is the maximum cutting capacity?

The maximum cutting capacity for these cutters is 0.6 mm

It is essential that you have the right wire cutter providing you with a clean cut through cable and wire. These wire cutters will cut cleanly and easily with the 0.6 mm cutting capacity. The cable and wire cutter are excellent for use on;
Copper wire
Aluminium wire
Steel wire

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Typ Spitze
Gesamtlänge 120mm
Schneidematerial Harter Draht, Kupferdraht
Schneidkapazität 1.2mm
Sicherheit vor elektrostatischer Entladung Ja
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