RS PRO Zangen Set, Chrom Vanadium Stahl, 4-teilig

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RS PRO 4 Piece Plier Set

This exceptional plier set from RS PRO consists of four high-quality pieces made from Chrome Vanadium Steel with a polished finish. The plier, cutters and wire stripper set are great for those users who require a quality set from, professionals such as electricians to general DIY enthusiasts.
The tools are insulated to VDE standards, which means they are ideal for repair, service technicians and engineers working near electrically energised systems up to 1000 V ac.

The set has a combination of pliers and cutters that have undergone rigorous testing to meet the safety requirements. The quality feel of the grips helps to ease user fatigue in prolonged use coupled with a smooth operation. The serrated jaws on the pliers allow for an excellent grip on the subject, giving you complete confidence.

Features and Benefits

• Zipper bag to allow easy storage
• Manufactured from chrome vanadium steel with toughened cutting edges
• Each pliers has fully insulated soft grip handles and tested to 10000 V, providing safe live line working at either 1000 V ac or 1500 V dc.
• Cutting edges have a hard-wearing lacquer finish applied
• Each tool is rated for up to 1000 V ac protection
• Made from CRV (Chromium-vanadium steel)
• Precision machined body with strictly heat treatment
• Two colours, heavy insulated handles with slip guards for extra
comfort and safety


The plier set is highly versatile, with a broad range of uses for professionals and enthusiasts alike. Whether you're carrying out domestic electrical work or repairing machinery, these pliers are ideal.

Cutters - Often called wire cutters, they are designed for cutting through wires and cabling. These diagonal cutting pliers are suited for cutting copper, iron, aluminium and even steel wire

Longnose pliers - Also known as needle-nose pliers, pointy-nosed pliers or snipe-nosed pliers. These pliers are made for precision and can be used in anything ranging from electrical work to jewellery making. With an integrated wire stripper.

Combination pliers- have the benefit of combining pliers with an integrated cutter. The pliers are short-nosed with serrated teeth, and a are suited for tougher applications where ever a strong grip is needed.
Wire stripping pliers- an adjustable tool designed to quickly and easily strip the sheath from wires.


RS PRO aims to be your go-to brand for reliability and value for money. We source high-quality parts at great prices and test everything with our in-house experts to ensure the quality you need.

When it comes to tools, we know that versatility and dependability are what you need. As such, we stock a variety of mainstay and specialist tools to suit any application. Whether you're a professional electrician, plumber, builder or DIY enthusiast, RS PRO is here to support you.

Reißverschlusstasche für eine einfache Aufbewahrung
Aus Chrom-Vanadium-Stahl mit gehärteten Schneidkanten
Jede Zange verfügt über vollständig isolierte weiche Griffen und ist bis 10000 V geprüft, um ein sicheres Arbeiten an stromführenden Leitungen bei 1000 V ac bzw. 1500 V dc zu gewährleisten. Die Schneidkanten sind mit einer verschleißfesten Lackoberfläche beschichtet
Jede Zange ist auf den Schutz für bis zu 1000 V ac ausgelegt
Aus CRV (Chrom-Vanadium-Stahl) gefertigt
Präzisionsgedrehtes Gehäuse mit präziser Wärmebehandlung
Zwei Farben, robuste isolierte Griffe mit Rutschschützer für zusätzlichen Komfort und Sicherheit

Technische Daten
Eigenschaft Wert
Stückzahl 4
Satz Inhalt Isolierte 6-Zoll-VDE-Kombizange, Isolierte VDE-Zange: isolierte 6-Zoll-VDE-Spitzzange, Isolierter 6-Zoll-VDE-Abisolierzange, Isolierter 6-Zoll-VDE-Seitenschneider
Material/Stoff Chrom Vanadium Stahl
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